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Our Story

Big Mike’s Steakhouse is the vision of three friends, Mike Cole, Scott Powell, and Caine Conway. Big Mike is an experienced Chef and Restaurant Manager with ten years of steakhouse experience who had a vision for opening steakhouses in rural towns to provide a quality alternative for people who were tired of having to drive hours to get to the big city to enjoy a great steak.  Scott and Caine shared in Mike’s vision and brought their combined thirty plus years of business ownership experience to the team. Together the three friends began planning for their own steakhouse and when they found the location in Thomasville, Alabama they knew that it was time to start the business.

Today you can find all three of them working in the restaurant most days. Mike manages the kitchen and is the creative force behind the menu and the food. Scott and Caine focus on the front of house and administrative functions of the restaurant and can be found greeting and talking with customers in the dining room and the bar.

Today Big Mike’s Steakhouse’s success can be seen through its raving reviews, steady business during the week and long lines on Friday and Saturday. We are the place to go for a great steak, a special meal or a night out with friends. We have also had a number of our customers inquire about opening their own Big Mike’s Steakhouse, which led us to launch our franchise program.

Big Mike’s has been more than these three friends ever expected, with enough lessons to fill a book. In fact that is what they are doing as part of the franchise program. All facets of the business have been documented from real estate to restaurant operations to human resources and beyond so that our franchisees can learn from our successes and our struggles.  It is the assurance for our franchisees that they are in business for themselves but not by themselves.

Steak firing on grill

Our Food Makes the Difference