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Grilled to Perfection


There is nothing like the taste of a wood-fire grilled steak, seasoned and cooked to perfection with the tenderness to be cut with a fork but deserving of the almighty steak knife.  The smells and slightly smoky flavor stir great memories of cooking on the backyard grill with family and friends while enjoying this great American tradition of eating steak.

A great steak has been called “one of the best things in the world” and those of us with a carnivorous spirit in us absolutely agree. For this lofty praise we are not talking about the mass produced beef served by the large chain steak restaurants who call themselves steakhouses. Instead a claim like this is usually reserved for steaks served by those big city expensive steakhouses where everything is sold a-la-carte and high prices make it suitable for only a rare visit for very special occasions or on a company expense account.

But now Big Mike’s Steakhouse is proud to bring the “best thing in the world” steak eating experience to the people in small towns without the expense or drive that goes along with the big city steakhouses. Big Mike’s is famous for our high quality steaks cooked to perfection on a wood-fired grill served in a relaxed rustic atmosphere in rural towns that have not previously been able to enjoy this type of true steakhouse experience.

Big Mike’s Steakhouse: steaks fitting for the big city, but served in your towns.

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